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Different conditions, different type of interventions

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Most recommended and advanced techniques in the field

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Applied Training

The training is based on a lecture, observation and hands-on patients, in order to master the procedure, whether you were a surgeon, doctor, dermatologist or a nurse, the best way to learn is by observing first and practicing later, this only will make you able to do operations by yourself back to your clinic.

Hair transplant is as complicated as any other operation and medical service, it takes a good eye and good attention, the trainee should be aware that each mm counts, the reason we make sure to get you in different operation rooms in order to observe well first, and under the survey of the medical staff you will be helped out to count on your own hands and what you learned within NHT academy.

Divers Circumstances

A very common question, how many cases will I get to treat?

the answer is, many ones, because in NATURAL HAIR TURKEY, we are performing more than 25 hair transplant operation as a daily number, which allows you to get to know to many cases and treat them with the medical team and get full explanations and see what techniques we use for each, and why we choose a certain technique and the number of grafts to extract and the percentage of coverage, which are important details for your future as a hair transplant specialist.


After Training Fellowship

We keep in touch with our trainees after their departure, and provide all the help they need and answer all their queries as hair transplant experts and try to give them consultation in order to make sure they are performing well and help out solving any difficulty they may face off in the future.

The advisor will stay in touch with you and coordinate between yourself and the medical staff for any query or question you have after the training, and we would keep you updated about hair transplant news and techniques.

A Benificial Training:

By taking the hair transplant path through the door of our academy, you will be investing in yourself, future and time, as you become a hair transplant specialist you will make the income of hair transplant experts which is a rewarding sector due to how known it is and due to the number of operations you will get to perform and also to the growth of hair transplant market, as a specialist or as a business owner.

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