A Hair Transplant Specialist Changes Patients’ Lives

Does hair transplant make a huge impact on patients as told? 

Well, hair transplant is considered one of the most commonly performed aesthetic surgeries and is indeed making a huge difference in their psychology and emotions. as many of the candidates start losing their hair, no matter what the reason is, they start losing their self-confidence equally well as their social position sometimes and feel embarrassed showing in public or in special events.

It might seem illogical, but hair transplant can help people recovering all of these, especially when the surgeon is skilled.

Hair transplant restores more than just hair, patients generally share their expectations and motives with their doctors and mostly inform them how depressed they were, but after getting a good surgery with the expected results, they do not only get their hair back but their sports, they start eating well, start dating and literally get their life back.

After trying every possible way to stop hair loss and after feeling totally disappointed of my look, I tried to make a research and see if there is any permanent solution for my case, then I learned about hair transplant and I took the risk to travel to a totally foreign country in which I have never been before, but to be honest, it is the experience I would never regret nor forget, I had a conversation with the doctor before the intervention, he was helping me feeling okay, and get rid of all the stress and fear after a had my hair transplant, 2 years ago, I feel better about myself, and I do look younger, not only the surgery but the medical staff changed my life.

A review of a hair transplant patient, one of a million. Would you imagine being part of this satisfaction, joy, and life-changing experience?

Details shall not be missed

The hair transplant instruments are as small as 0.8mm and so the largest follicular graft can attend the 1.2mm in total, therefore, in such an intervention, every millimeter count.

Precision and accuracy must be at a high level because only one millimeter can change the plan, the operation and the result, the hair transplant specialist to be, must dedicate themselves to truly performing microscopic surgery, otherwise, there is no possibility for an impressive and desired result.

Attention, accuracy, and precision

The 3 top components of a successful hair transplant!

Working in millimeters takes high attention, for high attention, you better have strong eyes and a steady hand. making around 3,000 incisions less than 1mm in length in precise patterns and distributions in the scalp. 3,000 follicles must then be gently placed into each and every one of these tiny incisions, in addition to the very small instruments, which demands a very observant eye and excellent coordination to complete these tasks.

The last solution

Not an easy decision, for sure, because it is a surgery after all! People go for hair transplants only after trying all types of medications, injections, and products with different ingredients, to stop hair loss or prevent it and keep the rest of hair safe until they make sure that hair transplant is not only the right but also the permanent solution!

A rewarding specialization from all corner

A hair transplant specialist makes a different connection with their patients as they share their fears and sufferance with them, one of the emotional benefits of taking it as career path, other than this, a hair transplant specialist can make a good income, as you learn more and get more experienced, you get rewarded by your patients though, they will recommend you as soon as their result is satisfying, also many clinics would aim to have you in their medical team.

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