Do you have any Questions?

By attending our programs, you will be making the right choice for your future as a specialist or a business owner, because Turkey is a leading and most developed  country in hair transplant, and by learning from the leading clinic in Turkey and Europe, you will undoubtedly make a success as equal as the one you were expecting.

As a candidate of a training, this question is really important, because for such a proceed, the course provider should be qualified enough to give you the correct information and also for you to have a very safe practice. The reason why, in NHT Academy, we do answer this query before you even ask about it. The doctors you will be learning from and practicing under their control are expert with more than 10 years within this sector. Which will guarantee you a high-quality education and allows you to practice at ease by the end of your course, without having any doubt about the information you have received and how reliable your training is. Becoming an expert, demands learning from the expert!

Dear trainees, by the end of your training, you will receive from our institute a certificate that proves your attending, after passing an exam that will decide your qualification and your future as an expert as well. Also, a card that will allow you to practice what you have learnt within our academy.

These two certificate and card are internationally accredited, therefor, there is absolutely nothing to worry or doubt about, you will be able to practice depending on your qualification and your learning ability and you will get the chance to start up your own clinic and enter the hair transplant sector from a largest door.